Klang's History came way earlier than Melaka. The country is part of the colonized territory of the Sri Vijaya and Majapahit government. The origin of the name Klang is from the languageh Mon-Khymer which is "Klong". Klong can be identified as a warehouse  like what was stated by C.O. Blagden that said that Klang became an important Port that has lots of warehouses. Meanwhile the opinion of Charles A. Fishr was that "Klang" means "canal" or waterway .

This opinions was agreed upon because Klang has many waterways which is stream such as Sg. Klang, Sg. Bertek, Sg. Pinang, Sg. Sementa, Sg. Agas, Sg. Kandis, Sg. Binjai, Sg. Kapar, Sg. Jati, Sg. Aur, Sg. Rasau and Sg. Putus. The name of these rivers is permanent until today. Klang became important only after Kuala Selangor's down fall specifically after the passing of Sultan Muhammad (1826-1857). Until 1875, Klang was chosen as the capital city of Selangor before it was changed to Kuala Lumpur in 1880. In 1886, Klang was said as a place that is beautiful and clean.

Historical City of Klang

Klang is one of oldest city in Malaysia. According to history,Klang was occupied since over 2,000 years ago . The first entry on Klang was written starting from the age of Majapahit's Government approximately 600 years ago. Here was the moments of Klang's resurrection that was once wasn't tied to any area . Moreover at that time Klang was a big power under the administration of Sultan Suleiman. However,because of misunderstandings a civil war happened between Raja Mahadi with Raja Abdullah who is the heir of Sultan Suleiman. At that time, Klang was in chaos and the reflection of war to seize power. Raja Mahadi's City that was situated near Klang's Municipal Council is some of the abandonment from the civil war that was triggered a long time ago.

The current MPK Building Site  was once a former building site for Raja Mahadi City that has become an important wall of defence to stop the enemies from getting further when the war was triggered.However, due to the changes of time, the changes was affected by the changes of time and the structure of the building that is not sturdy,the city that was built in 1860,half of it was demolished. What is left is just the arch-way that has become the landmark of the strengthof Raja Mahadi's empire. However there a lot of historical artefacts that was buried because of the changes of that time and tide brings.One of them is a source that said Raja Mahadi's Town was situated at the top of the hill and it has a tunnel that can penetrate to Klang River.But the tunnel has long been buried.

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