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Head of Division : Sr. Arman bin Abdullah Hadi
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1.0 Introduction

The Department of Buildings Commissioner is responsible for implementing the Strata Management Act (Act 757) 2013 i.e. maintenance and building management and joint property. Strata Management Act (Act 757) 2013 have been approved and assent by scaring on 5 February 2013 and gazetted on 8 February 2013.

The Government has approved 757 Act which came into force in 1 June 2015 and the Strata Title Act (Act A1450) replacing the Building Act And joint property (maintenance and management) 2007 (Act 663) and the Strata Title Act 1985 (Act 318) with element improvements in both of the Act.

This Department was established on 4 August 2008 that began as a small unit operated under the Department of valuation and property management of each local authority (La). The Division began to upgraded to the Department of Buildings Commissioner in May 2011. The Department is now operating in branch offices, the Klang Municipal Council on the Road West, Klang.

2.0 Objective

To Ensure maintenance of joint property is implemented based on the law and procedures for creating harmony in life sharing joint property for the development of elevated

3.0 Division Functions

There are 6 main functions of the Department of Building Commissioner, namely:

  • Conducting inventory on buildings within the Klang Municipal Council.
  • Ensure the establishment of a joint management body (JMB) for development involving stratified thinking.
  • Resolving any dispute between the developer and the purchaser relating to the establishment of the JMB and account maintenance (BMA).
  • Monitor the action developer in addressing repair defects.
  • Enforce the law stipulated in the Strata Management Act (Act 757) 2013. Strata Management Act 2013 (Act 757)
  • Provide periodic learning about administrative management, audited accounts, financial provisions and lain2 related management of JMB/MC

List Of Services

  • Filing schedule box
  • Filing units of shares allotted
  • Implementation advisory services in respect of the establishment of the JMB/MC as in the Act 757 & 318
  • Appointment of building management and maintenance agent

4.0 Organization Chart

5.0 Staff Directory


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