1) What is meant by assessment tax? 
  Assessment tax is the tax imposed on holding located within the Klang Municipal Council area such as:-
  • Residential Buildings (Apartments, Flat houses, Terrace houses, Single Houses, Bungalows and others)
  • Commercial Buildings (Shoplots, Shophouses, Office Lots, Business Premises, Hotels and others)
  • Workshops, Petrol Stations and Cinemas
  • Industrial Buildings (Factories, Warehouses, Plants, Depo, Substations and others)
2) What are the differences between District/Municipal Councils with Local Authorities (PBT)?
  PBTs in this country are divided into three categories:
  • City Council/Halls
  • Municipal Councils
  • District Councils
  City Council/Halls are PBTs of towns which have been granted the city status after fulfilling certain criteria such as an annual income of more than RM20 million and a population exceeding 100,000 residents.

Municipal Councils serve more urbanised areas and collect bigger revenue as compared to District Councils. Among the criteria that must be met are a population of more than 100,000 residents and an annual income exceeding RM5 million.

District Councils however serve more rural areas. Among the criteria are residents numbering less than 100,000 and an annual income of less than RM5 million.

3) How many PBTs are operating in Malaysia currently?

There are 145 PBTs (including the Kuala Lumpur City Hall), 31 of them are municipal councils and 114 of them are district councils.

There are also other entities which had been granted authority by their respective state governments to perform the duties of a PBT such as the PBTs of Kulim Hi-Tech, PBT Pasir Gudang and many others.

4) Are all PBTs in Malaysia under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Housing and Local Governments (KPKT)?
  All PBTs are placed under the administration of their respective state governments. KPKT however is given the task of coordinating the PBTs in terms legal and policy standardisation, providing consultancy services including technical consultancy and channeling of funds from the Federal Government.
5) How do members of the public lodge a complaint on any issues/problems that happen in the area under the jurisdiction of any PBT?
  They may lodge a formal complaint directly to the PBT or KPKT.
6) If the responsible parties are not providing garbage collection duties as scheduled, what are the actions that can be taken by the residents ?
  The residents may lodge a complaint to the PBT so that immediate sanitation services can be provided.
7) What are the colours of the recycling bins?
  • Blue - Paper
  • Orange - Aluminium cans, steel cans and plastic
  • Brown - Glass
8) What is the date of the National Recycling Day?
  It is celebrated on 11 November every year.

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