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Head of Department: Mr. Zaireezal Bin Ahmad Zainuddin
Head of Department Email:

1.0 Introduction

  • After the privatization of 1998, a Regulatory Unit was established under the Administration Department. The unit comprises of 30 people and serves as a monitoring of the solid waste management and cloud cleaning activities carried out by Alam Flora Sdn.Bhd.

  • In 2000, the unit was upgraded to the Environmental Division.

  • With the addition of staff and functions, this division became known as the Department of Environment from 2002 to April 2011.

  • The purpose of this department is to provide and monitor solid waste management, area cleanup, public utilities and environmental protection services in the Klang Municipal Council area.

  • As of May 2011, the department has been renamed and known as the Environmental Services Department and consists of 171 staff.

The provisions of the Act.

  • Local Government Act (Act 171)

  • Drainage and Building Act (Act 133)

  • Nerve Removal, Collection and Disposal (MPK) 2007a

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