Landscape Research And Asset Control Section

  • Designing and implementing innovative programs in landscape management.

  • Cooperation the smart partnership with public and private agencies in the search of identify the new ideas in landscape development and urban greening program.

  • Planning, designing, developing, implementing and monitoring the Tree Inventory System (SIP).

Nursery Unit

  • Implementing nursery seedlings.

  • To carry out the treatment to the affected trees and diseased.

  • Implementing a program of making compost.

  • Decoration programs for the official ceremony.

  • Providing the main inventory, equipments and departmental vehicles.

  • Plan and provide programs related to tree plantation development in council area.

Council Field Unit

  • Investigate complaints and feedback of football field damaged under MPK’s administrative area such as Ventoren Field, Marin Field Pelabuhan Klang, Chetty Field, Kompleks Sukan Pandamaran Field, Sri Andalas Field (booking of use through Director of Management Services).

  • Maintaining all football fields under MPK’s administrative area and keep it in perfect conditions.

  • Provide monitoring reports on a monthly basis:
       i.   Reports frequency of field use.
       ii.  Rental collection report.

  • Periodically Maintenance reports.

  • Coordinate booking related work including sports and recreation related facilities with the department involved.


Landscape Maintenance Unit

  • Ensuring that the landscape areas of the Council are maintained in good accordance with the correct and appropriate rules in accordance with the prescribed guidelines.

  • Monitor and coordinate landscape maintenance works to achieve the highest degree of cleanliness, nurturing and beauty.

  • Take action against any relevant complaints received for the comfort and safety of the population.

  • Provide and confirm contractor's monthly performance report for payment process.

Tree Maintenance Unit

  • Determine the appropriate action to be taken against any complaints  of trimming trees.

  • Maintaining every tree that has been gazetted by the council through the Tree Inventory System (SIP)

  • Ensure the maintenance of main tree according to the instructions and guidelines set by the council and comply with the 2001 Tree Preservation Order.

  • Take action against any tree complaints received by the council for the convenience and safety of the public.

  • Monitor and identify problematic and risky trees and provide relevant reports.

  • Carry out MARRIS works including providing Quantity List and monitoring of the works