4.0 The Activities Of The Main Function


  Administration / Contract Unit And Indent / Suppliers Unit

  • Regulating the payment process for contract work and indent within four (4) days after received the complete documents.

  • Regulate the correspondence internally and externally.

  • Regulate the disbursements of local orders, indent or supply work that has been approved by the Council.

  • Regulating the public complaints response within two (2) weeks from the received date.

  • Submitting the Planting Campaign Reports to the State Secretary Office every month.

  • Provide landscape plan comments / approval letter within two (2) weeks from the received date.

  • Provide department movable assets reports.

  • Regulate all matters involving the safety.

  • Regulating the public parks and open space rental application and ornamental flowers rental arrangements.

  • Other administrative matters.


  Landscape Control Unit.

  • Process and present application of landscape plan approval to OSC Committee Meetings in implementing policies and directives related to quality management such as MS ISO 9001: 2015 and

  • monitor landscape works developed by developers.

  • Presenting papers and technical issues related to the Technical Committee Meeting of Development.

  • Regulating the issuance of confirmation letters of (CCC) and disbursements the landscape supporting Certificate of Fitness (CF).
    Coordinate application for resettlement of landscape maintenance area by the developer to the event after expiration of maintenance period.




  • Enforce the National Landscape and State Government policies pertaining to landscape development by developers such as Local Agenda 21 and Safe City


Recreational Facilities Unit

  • Investigate complaints relating to recreational facilities and provide feedback.

  • Provide feedback regarding the application of new recreational facilities.

  • Conducting daily monitoring of recreational facilities in every open space for inventory and maintenance purposes.

  • Checking the recreational facilities which is will be submitted by the developer.

  • Provide the report to any damage of recreational facilities which is still within the warranty period for any repairs.

  • Prepare the specifications and tender documentation for the recreational facilities maintenance.

  • Perfom inhouse repairs and disposal damaged recreational facilities.