3.0 Client Charter

  • To issue landscape simultaneous plan application result within 80 days from submission / acceptance.

  • To issue landscape separate plan application result within 57 days from submission / acceptance.

  • Respond complaints within 14 days (2 weeks).

  • To process landscape maintenance contractor payment within 4 days after received the complete documents.

  • Planting 90,000 of various trees species per year in the MPK’s administrative area through green development projects by the government and private sectors.

Four (4) main sections in the Parks & Recreation Department :

  Administration Section:

  • Administration / Contract Unit.

  • Indent / Suppliers Unit.

  Landscape Development Section:

  • Landscape Control Unit.

  • Landscape Design & Project Unit.

  • Recreational Facilities Unit

  Landscape Research And Asset Control Section:

  • Nursery Unit.

  • Council Field Unit.

  Maintenance Section:

  • Landscape Maintenance Unit.

  • Tree Maintenance Unit.

  • Enforcement Unit.