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Acting Director: Mrs. Nurul Huda Binti Bahrom


1.0 Background

Recognizing the importance and necessity of the landscape in 1980’s, landscape unit has been established under MPK’s Health Department. In earlier stage, the main consideration of the unit is to provide the green and open space for recreational purpose. Along with the present landscape physical development and environment aspects has begun to be taken serious consideration. Therefore, in 1990, this unit has been upgraded becoming a department known as Park and Recreation Department. Until now Park and Recreation Department was one of the main department with major roles and responsibility in landscape development and maintenance within MPK’s administrative area.

Nowadays, the department roles become more challenging to provide city beautification with effectiveness landscape maintenance was not an easy task. High patience and commitment are needed to ensure Klang becoming a great city in Selangor and Malaysia. In order to improve Klang residences welfare, comfortable and life quality, continuous efforts are still conducted.

Strategy And Focus

  • Improving the quality of Klang landscape.

  • Improving the quality of Klang landscape maintenance.

  • Improving the quality and efficiency of governance services.

  • Provide networking (smart partnership) with government agencies, stake holders, NGOs and public companies.

2.0 Objectives

  • To preserve Klang as a royal town and the beautiful historic city in Selangor.

  • To create more harmonious life, balanced and secure.

  • To make Klang as a development catalyst centre.

  • To create harmonious society.