Head of Department: Sulaiman bin Mohammad
Head of Department's


The One Stop Centre Department began as a small unit known as the One Stop Review Centre (OSC) which was established on the 1st October 2003 under the responsibility of the Council Secretary. This was in line with the instruction from the State Government that a 'One Stop Center' be set up in all the Local Authorities in Selangor to accept and process the approval of building plans and CFs.

In Jun 2007, the functions of this department were further expanded in line with the official announcement by the Prime Minister for setting up One Stop Centres (OSC) in all Local Authorities all over the country. In 2009, the Centre was upgraded to the status of a department and named the One Stop Centre Department in accordance with the increase in workload and the demand in upgrading the relaying system in the public services, especially in getting approvals for development applications.

There are 5 main divisions under the One Stop Centre Department which are:

  • General Administrative Division
  • Planning Approval Plan Division
  • Buildings, CCC and Landscape Plans Division
  • Infrastructures and Earthworks Plans Division
  • OSC Meetings Committee Secretariat Division


To coordinate, facilitate and expedite the process of approving applications for land developments, planning permits applications, building plans, earthworks plans, roads and drains plans and other plans related to development proposals.


The functions of this department according to the divisions are as below :

1. General Administrative Division

  • Receive and give feedback regarding the complaints from clients within two (2) weeks.
  • Manage correspondence letters of the Department.
  • Prepare reports concerning staff's punch cards.
  • Manage mileage claims and overtime allowances of staff.
  • Manage and update leaves records of staff.
  • Manage the supply of office stationery for the department.
  • Record all applications for development proposals.
  • Manage the delivery of development proposals applications to relevant interior and exterior agencies.
  • Prepare the following reports;
    • Reports on the Status of applications to be presented in OSC Meetings Committee and the Full Council.
    • Reports on the Balance Scorecard System
    • Reports on the 2 weeks implementation policy.