4.0 List of services & customer Charter

Organizational Development & Staffing
  • Advertise job vacancies at least one (1) time within three (3) months if there is a need and the approval of the top management
  • Job interview session is to be held at least one (1) time within one (1) month if there is a need and the approval of the top management

Human Resource Management Division

  • Manage employee retirement-related matters within (6) months from the date of retirement.
  • Managing medical payment claims, medical claims payment IJN Haemodialysis, and claim the payment of medication/tools/medical services/treatment within (4) working days.
  • Manage computer loan application and loan application motorcycle/car within (3) business days

General Administration

  • Management of Correspondence-Every letter received from the post Office circulated to the relevant Department on the same day after the letter of completion recorded in the Local delivery of a Book.
  • Most House and Leisure Most within four (4) working days.

Division Of Assets Over & Stores

  • Movable assets made within two (2) weeks from the date of confirmation of acceptance of the Procurement Unit, quantity surveying Division.
  • Meet the stationery stock application by the Department within four (4) working days.
  • Carry out action of disposal of assets move on within a period of six (6) months.
  • Managing procedures loss write-offs within two (2) months.

The training and records management

  • Ensure staff attend three (3) types of courses in a year.


6.0 Organization Chart