General Administration Division
  • Managing the receipt, distribution and delivery of letters and official documents of the Council.
  • Manage logistics functions such as most halls MPK, fields, rest homes, meeting rooms, food and Council vehicles.
  • Manage advertising-advertising in local newspapers.
  • Manage and store files classified and General Council.
  • Coordinate and monitor the receipt and registration of letters and documents.
  • Control check in the mail.
  • Ensure the safety and environment within and outside the Council building, orderly and controlled.
  • Ensure that complaints regarding damage small office buildings in adjust solution and repair.
  • Coordinate procurement Department working paper for quotation B, quotation and tender.
  • Coordinate local order and costs as well as general budget Department.

Division Of Assets Over & Stores

  • Manage assets over, assets and store Government under the control of the Klang Municipal Council which include the receipt, registration, use, storage, inspection, Maintenance, disposal, loss and write-off
  • Managing the appointment Coordinator assets, assets, the Board of Examiners and Examiners Committee Investigators.
  • Manage Asset Management Committee meetings the Government (JKP) Klang Municipal Council
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Quarterly Report, the assets of the Asset over the Life of the Government Store and Department/Division
  • Coordinate the preparation of the report of the Executive Director of the Government's asset management and annual reporting of assets over, assets and store Government departments/divisions
  • Coordinating instructions/Publications Setting asset management Over the Government, Government Life Asset Management Procedures, and procedure of Government with store management and Store Asset Coordinator Coordinator Department/Division level from time to time.
  • Ensure the management of quotations for the supply toner, stationery and paper carried out on a regular basis.
  • Supplying materials to the Council Office needs in a systematic manner.
  • Manage store stationery Council.

The training and records management

  • Provides schedule planning, course and training to staff the Klang Municipal Council in accordance with the provisions of approved.
  • Managing exam for authentication of Office and promotion.
  • Plan and implement quality Council to increase quality and productivity of the Klang Municipal Council.
  • Secretariat training in internal courses organized by the Klang Municipal Council and foreign agencies.
  • Recorded courses attended by staff into the record books service.
  • Provide a unified document management procedures.
  • To coordinate records management activities.
  • Coordinate the disposal activities.
Support Services Unit
  • Manage reporting record attendance of employees the Klang Municipal Council (MPK).
  • Manage the Department's filing
  • Manage travel departmental administrative cover topics related holidays, overtime claims and discipline staff
  • Record and internal correspondence files
  • Managing Loyalty Program quality environment Practices 5S and low-carbon Programs in the Department.