3.0 Functions

The function of the Department by Division are as follows:

Division Of Organizational Development & Staffing
  • Provide Staffing budget estimates the Klang Municipal Council.
  • Manage the Affairs of the appointment and promotion of the Klang Municipal Council.
  • Managing restructuring and organizational development the Klang Municipal Council.
  • Manage
  • Manage Meeting loyal Target Works years (BCC) Council.
  • Manage human resources development Panel loyal (SALARY INCREMENTS) of the Council.
  • Manage students
  • Coordinating the quality in the Department

Human Resource Management Division

  • Use the HRMIS (Human Resource Management Information System) properly and effectively.
  • Manage authentication Office, giving pensionable and retirement, leave, loans and allowances to staff the Klang Municipal Council.
  • Manage annual salary increases.
  • Implement scheme of service and salary adjustment checking employees and annual salary increases.
  • Ensure that employees comply with all orders of the Council in accordance with the rules of the workers (the doing and discipline) MPK 1995.
  • Managing the welfare facilities and staff in accordance with the existing policies such as medical payment claims managing IJN medical payment claims, Haemodialysis, and claim the payment of medication/tools/medical services/treatment
  • Manage meetings joint Council (the COUNCIL).
  • Manage meetings the Committee the authority to appoint and human capital development Council.
  • Manages the preparation of documents for the purpose of discipline