Head Of Department: En. Azhar Bin Samsudin
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1.0 Introduction

Licencing Department was officially established on 2 April 2007. Department of Licensing previously placed under the Department of Health. However, the increasingly rapid development of urbanization cause needs efficient management is needed. Thus was created the Department of Licensing. The department is responsible for managing all business licenses and permits applications such as business license, factory license, Licenses and others. Besides, the Department is also responsible for processing the application for renewal of license.

There are two main divisions of the Department of Licensing and Hawker are:

  1. Administration and Licensing.
  2. Business Control and Enforcement.

2.0 Objective

  • Ensure that all applications for licenses, permits, night markets and appeals received in full and comply with the order is processed within the stipulated period.
  • Ensure that all renewal and revocation of licenses processed properly and within the prescribed period.
  • Take enforcement action to the public in accordance with Quality Procedures andlaws adopted by the Klang Municipal Council.
  • Ensure that all personnel performing duties in accordance with procedures prescribed quality.
  • Provide business control and enforcement to residents in the Klang Municipal Council to improve well-being in accordance with the Act and the By-Laws adopted.

3.0 Functions

There are 9 main functions of the Department of Licensing and Hawker, namely: -

  • Processing applications for new premises licenses (business, industrial, stalls,    street vendors, night markets, permit).
  • Process renewal of all licenses / permits.
  • Processing revocation of license / permit.
  • Exchange process and change licensing information.
  • Controlling the production of all types of licenses and permits.
  • The compliance checks.
  • Interviewing vendors and night markets.
  • Operate complex management market.
  • Control and exercise authority over business premises and advertisements.
  • Public complaints process.

4.0 Act

  • Street Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133)
  • Control Act and the Destruction of Disease-Bearing Insects 1975
  • Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172)
  • Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171)
  • Food Act 1983
  • Road Transport Act 1987

5.0 Enactment

     Enactment Entertainment and Places of Entertainment (NSW 1995)

     Enactment Entertainment and Places of Entertainment (NSW 1995)

     (Amendment) Act 1998