Educate the Council’s staff specifically and public generally to ensure that compliance of law is effectively practiced through several actions which include: -

  • To enact and / or amend the Council's By-laws in accordance of suitability in changes of directions from the Federal Government, State Government or Council’s policy from time to time.
  • To implement enforcement action without any interference from political bodies to ensure that action can be carried out fairly and equally.
  • To manage the appeal application for compound in a reasonable manner by taking into consideration the difference excuses of OKK.
  • To conduct activities and briefings relating to legal issues, prosecution and enforcement issues.

4.0 Client's Charter

We, staff of Legal Department Klang Municipal Council will provide friendly, efficient, trustworthy and quality service in carrying out the functions of the department and towards realizing Klang Municipal Council as an excellent organization. Accordingly, we promise to: -

  • Provide accurate legal information;
  • Provide legal advice to the internal departments of Klang Municipal Council, external agencies and public promptly;
  • Ensure that fines and penalties are reasonably and fairly charged;
  • Ensure that all legal documents and documents relating to court cases involving the Klang Municipal Council are safely kept to avoid leakage of confidential information and protect the confidentiality of the documents;
  • Ensure civil litigation actions by or against Klang Municipal Council are handled by experienced panel of lawyers particularly in Local Government legislation under the Local Government Act 1976 [Act 171], Town and Country Planning Act 1976 [Act 172] and Road Act, Drainage and Building 1974 [Act 133];
  • Ensure that the image of Klang Municipal Council and public interest are protected in each department's work processes; and
  • Conduct negotiations amongst the relevant parties involved in a case to find “win-win” situation and thus settlement out of court can be reached by both parties and indirectly to ensure that any estimated costs can be reduced by the Council.