(3) Prosecution Division (Traffic and Non-Traffic Prosecution Unit)

  • Manage the issuance of reminder notices.

  • Initiate prosecution action:

    • Review Investigation Paper.

    • Prepare Complaint Form.

    • Prepare leave for prosecution action.

    • Register charge sheet and summon.

    • Conduct prosecution action in court.

  • Manage appeal application for compound: -

    • Appeal at the counter

    • Appeal through correspondences/e-mails/telephone and others


  • Provide legal advices and services to the internal departments to ensure that all actions taken are not “ultra vires” from all aspects of the legislation where advisory services include the following processes: -
  • Receive relevant facts from the Council or the internal departments which requires legal advice;
  • Provide legal advice based on the provisions of the law;
  • Responsible for preparing, enacting and reviewing the drafting of By-Laws, Orders and Rules;
  • Final Review of the By-Laws, Orders and Rules will be submitted to the State Legal Advisory Office.
  • Any review which has been approved by the State Legal Advisory Office will be submitted to the State Secretary's Office (Local Authority Section) to be endorsed in State Executive Council Meeting (MMKN) before it is submitted to Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB) for the purpose of gazette printing.
  • Prepare and review the draft agreements and legal requirements required where the review of the agreement will take into account the interests of the Council and to ensure each clause in the agreement is legally based on the provisions of the law and general principles of agreement.
  • Review is also conducted to ensure that all agreements are legally valid and reliable if the agreement is submitted as a proof is a legal action filed or taken against the Council.
  • Manage summons, complaint forms and charge sheets for the purpose of registration to the Court through the e-Kompaun System which the system is adopted by the Council and e-Kehakiman System which is fully enforced at the Federal Government level on 10th July 2017.
  • Manage any civil action filed by or against the Council with the Council's panel of lawyers which includes in reviewing cases, discussions and directions to the panel of lawyers and to provide any information required by the panel of lawyers for the purpose of filing a case in court.