2.0  Objectives

Legal Department is the internal department of the Klang Municipal Council that is responsible for providing legal advice, drafting and presenting the by-laws to the Council as well as enforcing and ensuring compliance of legal aspect by the Council’s staffs.

3.0  Functions Of Divisions

(1)     Administration Division

  • Manage correspondences internally and externally.

  • Manage budget and departmental voting.

  • Control receipts and disbursements.

  • Manage employee’s leave.

  • Manage receipt / purchase of local orders.

  • Monitor employee’s attendance.

  • Manage records and files.

  • Manage overtime and mileage claims applications.

  • Manage meeting files.

  • Manage department’s assets.

(2)     Advisory and Legal Services Division

          (a)        Drafting, Information Research and Training

  • Formulate and amend the subsidiary legislation adopted by the Council.

  • Conduct Research and Development (R & D) tasks relating to legal issues from time to time.

  • Conduct training or legal briefing relating to legislation adopted by the Council to all employees.

(b)      Rental and Civil

  • Manage documentation of rental arrears claim from the Finance Department.

  • Manage the appointment of panel lawyers.

  • Initiate or defend a civil claim / arbitration / tribunal claim to the Council.

  • Communicate, discuss and conduct research with the panel lawyers to monitor civil cases.

  • Provide documentation for preparing civil cases / arbitration.

  • Submit a claim in court through a panel of lawyers.

  • Preparation of witnesses.

  • Conduct research and case study.

  • Conduct case monitoring.

  • Accept and manage appeals for installment payments for rental arrears.

(c)     Assessment Tax

  • Manage assessment tax for vacant holding.

  • Conduct seizure on vacant holding for the unpaid assessment taxes.

  • Submit tax arrears claims through auction proceeding by bank (third parties).

  • Submit tax arrears claims to the High Court for an Order of Sale for vacant holding.

(d)    Contract and Agreement

  • Conduct perfection of contracts and agreements from the respective departments.

  • Prepare agreements.

  • Manage the duty stamp and exemption of duty stamp at Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN).