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Head Of Department :  Datin Fadzilah Binti Abdul Aziz
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1.0  Background & History

Legal Department was previously known as Legal Division under the Administration Department. In 1989, the Legal Division was merged with the Enforcement Division and became a Department and known as a Legal Department and it was situated at Sultan Suleiman Building, Jalan Stesen, Klang.

It was then headed by Legal Officer and responsible in administering 126 staffs until the end of 2001.

In January 2002, Legal Department was reshuffled and later separated to become Legal Advisory Office that was placed under Yang DiPertua’s Office while the Enforcement Division was under the Management Services Department.

In September 2002, Legal Advisory Office was transferred to Level 6, Menara A & M, Garden Business Center, No. 4, Jalan Istana, 41000 Klang.

In April 2008, Legal Advisory Office was then changed to Legal Department until now and it is headed by Legal Director with five (5) Legal Officers, five (5) Assistant of Legal Officers and 34 staffs.

In October 2008, Legal Department was then transferred to Level 2, MPK Branch Office Building, Lot 175, Jalan Tengku Kelana, 41000 Klang until now with 46 staffs in total comprising: -

  • Head of Department (L52);
  • Deputy Head of Department (L44);
  • Four (4) Legal Officer (L41);
  • One (1) Senior Legal Officer Assistant (L32);
  • Four (4) Legal Officer Assistant (L29);

  • One (1) Senior Clerk (N26);

  • One (1) Senior Clerk (N22);
  • One (1) Clerk (N22);

  • Sixteen (16) Clerks (N19);

  • Six (6) Clerks (Bailiff) (N19);

  • One (1) Enforcement Officer Assistant (KP22);

  • Four (4) Enforcement Officer Assistant (KP19);
  • Four (4) Operational Assistant (Bailiff) (N11);
  • One (1) Operational Assistant (N11); and
  • One (1) Driver (H11).