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Head Of Division: Cik Siti Bint Samiha Bahru District
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1.0  Integrity Unit Function

Units of the integrity of the Klang Municipal Council officially established on 01 January 2018 under service circular Number 6 Year 2013 on the establishment of Unit Integrity in all public agencies. The objective of the integrity unit are:

  • Ensuring that Governance is implemented effectively.
  • Ensure the implementation of the integrity values in the Organization in accordance with the national integrity plan and plan of the integrity of the Klang Municipal Council.
  • Ensure that disciplinary procedures be transparent in accordance with the rules of the Employee (conduct and discipline) the Klang Municipal Council 1995.

Integrity Unit, the Klang Municipal Council operating in level 6, Bangunan Sultan Alam Shah, Klang Municipal Council and is divided into two (2) sections carry out their respective functions are as follows:

  • Governance, detection and Verification and complaint management.
  • Compliance, the strengthening of Integrity and discipline.