Head of Department: Puan Nor Hasyimah Binti Tamziz
Head of Department's


The Information Technology Department started off as a small unit known as the Computer Unit which was established in 1984. In 1999 it was changed to the Information Technology Division in line with IT Development at the Klang Municipal Council which was expanding to meet the current requirements. Its increasing roles in giving ICT services to the Council has qualified it to be upgraded as a department which was enforced in Januari 2007 in accordance with one of the strategies of the Council in uniforming and upgrading the standard of services.

There are 6 main divisions under the Information Technology Department which are :

  • ICT Administrative and Services Management Division
  • ICT Hardware and Networking Management Divison
  • Data Centre and ICT Communication Management Division
  • Application Systems and ICT Software Management Division
  • Multimedia and ICT Education Management Division
  • ICT Security and Integrity Management Division


  • To encourage the growth of ICT at the Klang Municipal Council by creating an ICT environment at all levels of the management to increase productivity and performance of the Council.
  • To increase the level of professionalism in the applications of ICT services of all the Council staff.
  • To meet the ICT needs of each department within the Council.
  • To prepare trainings or ICT courses to all citizens of the Council in order to increase the level of skills in ICT applications.
  • To increase the transparency of the Council services through ICT.
  • To bring the public closer to the Council through ICT.


There are 9 main functions of the Information Technology Department which are:

  • To plan and manage the Council's computer equipment.
  • To plan and manage the Council's Computer Networking Systems.
  • To plan, design and execute the applications system to support the operations of the Council.