F. Building and Leisure Facilities Division

1. Office Building / Quarters / Public Buildings and Leisure Facilities.

  • Maintain, repair, upgrade buildings owned by the Council such as office buildings, branch offices, stores, residential quarters / MPK houses, halls, charities, stalls, market complexes, business complexes, sports complexes and public toilets.
  • Maintain / repair public and leisure facilities such as courts, jogging tracks, playgrounds (balls), general fields, gazebo huts and related components.

2. Prepare and monitor works under MARRIS / Project provisions.

G. Administration and General Management Division

  • Recorded occupational affairs including arrival schedule, course, staff leave and others
  • Distribute and inform the official instructions of the council and the circular to the staff.
  • Manage and record the registration of all correspondence and departments file travel.
  • Manage the preparation of documents related to contract work.
  • Manage and record contractual payments.
  • Manage and record all departmental information and documents.
  • Receive and record applications for infrastructure development plans (Land Work Plans, Road Plans and Drainage Plans, Road Lamp Plans).
  • Record and respond to matters / complaints relating to the Department.

3.0 Organization Chart