3. Public utilities

  • To provide and maintain the necessary facilities related to public transport such as bus lodge, bus stop, pedestrian walkway, safety fence and so on which characterize a safe and friendly city of OKU.   
  • Review the requirements of light and heavy parking.    
  • Monitor and take action against unauthorized structural activities on the road or back streets.

4. Update technical information such as mapping, inventory systems, GIS, Map Info and MARRIS online.
5. Prepare and monitor works under the provisions of MARRIS/project..

E. Division Of Mechanical And Electrical

1. Workshop and transportation.

  • Maintain and make inspection of all types of vehicles the Council include motor vehicle passengers, construction machinery, motorcycles, marine vehicle (boat) and equipment/machinery periodically.
  • Maintain and ensure all vehicles/machinery/equipment maintained/repaired satisfactorily, works well and is safe for use
  • Manage and provide vehicles with drivers for the needs of the Council or the departments.
  • Heavy machinery/vehicle procurement.
  • Disposal of vehicles/existing machinery.

2. Lighting and electrical works

  • Maintain, inspect and repair all street lights, lamp decoration, lighting and Court lights belong to the Council.
  • Ensure that the level of lighting in public areas with the latest requirements and standards.
  • Provide decorative lights that are able to provide the level of happiness which meet the needs.
  • Check and review the application requirements of kesesuai lighting street lighting, decorative lights, lights, lights the lamp and Court in open spaces/garden.

3. Air-conditioning and elevator

  • Maintaining and repairing the air conditioning system and elevator at the Office, Hall/sports complex and shopping complexes.

4. Prepare and monitor works under the provisions of MARRIS/project.