B. The Division Of Roads And Bridges

  • Maintain and repair damage roads covering the slope/cliff on the edge of the road and bridge the existing Council owned, by Department/internal ("Road Gang") or on a contract basis.
  • Upgrading of existing road danmembina road barudi Council area.
  • Backfilling activities the existing roads under the control of the Council.
  • Process applications and monitoring work from external agencies to the work of excavation and installation of pipes, cables and other utilities on the road.
  • To control, monitor and take enforcement action against parties or Agency/Department utility to carry out work on the road without the approval of the Council.
  • Monitor and take action against the activities of unauthorized structure construction on reserve street or lane back.
  • Prepare and monitor works under the provisions of MARRIS/projects

c. Section Drainage And flood control

  • Maintain and repair damage concrete drains, pond/flood pumps and components, including the existing Jetty-Pier owned by the Council.
  • Plan, design and implement the works related to flood control systems, including drainage, flood retention pond and pump system in flood control Council to reduce or overcome the problem of flooding.
  • Monitor and take action against construction activities without permission on a structure of the reserve trenches/drains.
  • Prepare and monitor works under the provisions of MARRIS/project.

D. Division Of Traffic And Public Transport

1. Signs and lines the road.

1.1 Maintenance and install all signage requirements such as street name signage, signage, name of the children's place, and traffic signs, and General.
1.2 Maintenance and painting lines the road traffic signs, the pleasure of traffic and parking in Department or contract.
1.3 review and implement the requirements of pleasure traffic smooth traffic, safety and information signage.
1.4 Process applications pleasure traffic (bump and others).

2. Public transport

  • Reviewing and coordinating joint public transportation agencies and the operators of public transport such as bus and taxi/car rental.   
  • Ensure the smooth public transport system by providing services as a whole and provides places a stop strategy and coordinated approach to public facilities.