Email of Engineering Department:

Head of Department:  Encik Zamri Bin Othman
Email of Head of Department:

1.0 Objectives

  • Make improvement and strengthen the effective functioning of the Department to be more efficient.
  • Provide opportunities for staff that have long served to change the scope of work and exposure to the different scope of work.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the staff especially in seeking cooperation.
  • Form a competitive staff and contribute to the advancement of the Department.
  • Producing staff of a leader and being competent and knowledgeable.

2.0 in the Engineering Department

  • Infrastructure Development Control Division
  • Part Of The Jalandan Bridge
  • Drainage and flood control Division
  • Share of traffic and public transport
  • Mechanical and electrical Division
  • Part of the building and recreational facilities
  • Administration and general management

A. infrastructure development control Division (West Road branch office)

1. Process the application infrastructure plan for Development &:
       -For Earthwork Plan
       -Road and Drainage
       -Street Lighting Plans
2. Process the Certificate Production Support ' CCC ' or ' CF ' for a development.
3. Process the Planning of aspects of permohonanKebenaran support the needs of infrastructure facilities.
4. To control, monitor and take enforcement action against the private kerjapembangunan related (earthworks/construction).
5. Prepare and monitor works under the provisions of MARRIS/project.