Head Of Department: En. Andry Arman Bin Masrom
Head Of Department


The Enforcement Division was established on the 1st August 1974 with the workforce of 6 staff, under the administration of the Administrative Department.

In 1986, the Enforcement Division was merged with the Legal Division to turn it into a new department i.e. the Legal Department and placed at the Sultan Suleiman Building, Klang Selatan.

During the end of 2002, the Enforcement Division was placed under the supervision of the Administrative Department MPK and moved to a new building in Jalan Lembaga Bandaran Off Jalan Tepi Sungai.

In 2007, the Enforcement Division was upgraded to ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT and headed by a Director with calibre. This historical moment, became a very challenging moment and required efficiency and wider knowledge to ensure the objectives and Clients' Charter of the Enforcement Division can be fully realised.

There are 12 main division under the Enforcemnet Department, namely:

  • Administrative Unit
  • Store Unit
  • Armed Control Unit
  • Patrol and Control Unit
  • Motorcycle Unit
  • Enforcement and Operations Unit
  • Paraglider Unit
  • Guards Unit
  • Licensing Unit
  • Prosecution Unit
  • Illegal Rubbish Dumping Supervision Unit
  • Complaints Unit


Take responsibility for all controlling and legal enforcement matters which are conducted in line with the provisions of written laws enforced by the Council and Government.