Head of Department: En. Ahmad Khairi b. Md. Yusof
Head of Department's

1.0 Background of Building Department

The Building Department is among the departments with its own specific functions within the Council; to control all building constructions from building plans approval to the issuance of the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation including the processes to issue the Certificate of Completion and Compliance by project consultants. In addition, the department is also responsible in controlling illegal structural constructions; approve Temporary Buildings Licence Permit and building design plans for projects carried-out by the Council.

The department indirectly generates Council incomefor the council through received process payments received. As a result, the Council is able to provide some municipal services to the people of Klang.

The Building Department operates from the Council office at Jalan Raya Barat with more than 60 technical and support personnel.


"A leader in technological service delivery for development control towards a Premiere City by 2015"


  • To increase efficiency of service delivery in regards to building control for clients digitally by digital means
  • To enhance development enforcement control using legal centred centric electronic systems and equipments.
  • To develop information technology systems in all Departmental functions for clients' satisfaction
  • To inculcate work centered on advance technological work practices to achieve the target of the Department's Client Charter.

2.0 Objectives Of The Building Department

  • To ensure all new available building construction or renovation types are carried-out in accordance to the provisions in related acts, laws and policies.
  • To carry out enforcement on new buildings and renovations constructed without a written notice from the council as provisioned in the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133).
  • To improve working quality by using the latest information technology system in management and processing of plan applications as well as department administrations.
  • To deliver quality services comprehensively to clients with constant improvements in working procedures.

3.0 Client Charter

  • To ensure that all clients receive smooth, efficient and quality services in related application processes:-
  • To decide on the results of new development applications within thirty-seven (37) days from the date the completed application is received for projects possessing Planning Approvals.
  • To decide on the results outcome of new development applications simultaneously within sixty-seven (67) days from the date the completed application is received.
  • To process and decide on renovation and addition works within one (1) day for residential and seven (7) days for non-residential.
  • To issue the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) within fourteen (14) days from the Form E receipt date.
  • To ensure all follow-up actions for received complaints received via the I-Response system are informed to the Communications and Public Complaints Department within seven (7) days from the complaint receipt date.
  • To ensure enforcement on illegal buildings are conducted according to the provision of laws by monitoring areas and legal actions.
  • To plan out architectural designs according to clients need with consideration on costs provisioned, latest architecture and the needs of the Physically Challenged Group (OKU) as well as environmental factors.

Main Divisions Of The Building Department

The Building Department is divided into 6 main divisions which are:-

  • New Development Control Division
  • Renovations Works Control Division
  • Development Enforcement Division
  • Design and Temporary Structures Permit Division
  • Information System and Data Development Division
  • General Administration Division