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Head of Department: Puan Faizah binti Md. Noh
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The valuation and Property Management Department was upgraded from a division to department in 1984. The Valuation Division of the Klang Municipal Council had been established since 1961.

In 2008, the Department of valuation and Property Management consists of two main divisions, valuation Division and Property Management Division, each with its own administrative unit. The total number of officers and staff of the department in 2013 is 78, out of whom, 56 are in the valuation Division and 22 in the Property Management Division.

The objectives of the Department

  • To increase the main revenue source for the Council from tax collected
  • Management of Council properties
  • To increase other revenue sources, especially rent, lease or  property investment to ensure the income of the Council does not rely solely on tax collected.

The functions of the Department

1.  Valuation

1.1 Area valuation Unit  - North / South / Port Klang

  • Conducts inspections of property.
  • Provides valuation reports.
  • Valuation of property.
  • Provides valuation lists.
  • Provides valuation acknowledgement notice (amendment notice / revision notice)   of valuation list.
  • Attends court hearings related to valuationrelated cases.

1.2 Appeal Unit

  • Reviews objections.
  • Hearing of objections.
  • Issuance of objections/appeals decision.

1.3 Assisted-Rate Contribution Unit

  • Carries out inspection and valuation of properties of government and statutory bodies.
  • Provides Contribution Valuation List (Parts A, B and E)
  • Provides  review of assisted-rate contribution claim (Form C)

1.4 Remission Unit

  • Processes applications for tax remission
  • Releases results of applications for tax refund

1.5 Records & File Disposal Unit

  • Records and classifies files
  • Sorts files to be disposed based on the schedule set by the National Archives.