Commissioner of Buildings Division (COB)

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Head of Division : En. Ari bin Adam
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Commissioner of Buildings Division is a department which is responsible for maintenance and buildings and common property management under the Building and Common Property Act (Act 663). This act has been enforced beginning 12th of April 2007. This department was established in the Council on 4th of August 2008.


To ensure Maintenance of the Common Property is implemented according to the set rules and law to ensure a harmonious environment in the life of common property for staggered development.



Division Functions

There are 7 main functions under the Commissioner of Buildings Division which are :

  • Creating inventory on buildings in the Klang Municipal Council area.
  • To ensure the formation of Common Management Body (JMB) for the development which involves stratified thinking.
  • To solve any dispute between the developers and buyers regarding the formation of JMB and maintenance account (BMA).
  • Monitoring the developers' actions in dealing with the issues of repairing defects.
  • Enforcing the law which is enshrined in Building and Common Property Act (Maintenance and Management ) 2007 (Act 663) and Strata Title Act (Act 318).
Last Updated : 08 May 2013